Roland Electronic SIS XP system

Roland Electronic GmbH is a professional use of sensors in the tire industry and a leading supplier of industrial electronics, the main products: SIS XP steel cord detection system.


Calendaring in the tire production process, if the wire was broken, position changes, the spacing between the wire an error occurs, such as depopulation, too dense, overlapping, crossing, etc., if in the production process can check out and repair the pitch error, we can save billions of production costs!








SIS XP steel cord magnetic detection principle:

Using of magnetic technology, online monitoring the whole record production of steel radial truck tire splicing link. Once a wire has a variety of abnormal shapes, SI will go to the report file. According to the specific needs of customers, SI's interface will output the signal to the production line, stop or mark question paragraphs.

SI's working principle is 8 Derangement of special sensors placed in the splicing equipment back to the 90 degree conveyor arranged to capture the belt to walk across the magnetic field given wire, connected to the embedded microcontroller with its handling throughout signal. First record of a normal paragraph of data (TEACH IN), monitor the performance of wave-pulse signal,once detected is different from the normal passage of the signal, the display shows peak. Captured by each sensor signal of the time difference, automatic calculation of the vertical length of the paragraph problem. At the same time the individual log files automatically (REPORT) and to be archived. According to customer demand, SI also connected with the output signal, after processing, can control a variety of extension devices, such as ink-jet standard, infrared tracking.


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