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The principle is based on the fact that any material (including rubber and thermoplastic) becomes fragile at a certain negative temperature. As a result, after random impacts, the weakest part of the piece, i.e. the burr, is broken off and crushed.


This high-speed deburring machine offers a constant variation of revolutions and the temperature can be preset within a + 5 °C range. This makes it extremely versatile and economical, as it can polish a wide variety of parts of different shapes and chemical compositions.


The machine has an excellent tumbler diameter/length ratio, and its automatic operation with a timer prevents work time control errors, reducing specific cryogenic consumption to a minimum.


Deflashing machine



Products of rubber, die cast and plastic ,etc




?           The mold’s life time can be increased.

?           The waste material can be reduced and material can be saved and thus production costs can be reduced. The flash design for the mold is 0.1~0.2mm

?           The operating cost are lower than resin balls injection deflash machine because the resin is very expensive and has to be replaced regularly.

?           Resin material injection deflash machines often break the rubble part.

?           Parting lines of the parts are removed effectively and a nice surface of the parts is achieved.








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