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Gumix is a famous supplier of rubber machinery and complete production lines in the rubber industry.

 The available Products as follow:


?           Internal Mixers

?           Mixing Mills

?           Hydraulic Presses


Gumix has exported more than 700 sets of mixer and complete lines to customers all over the world. For example: CONTITECH, HUTCHINSON, GATES, MICHELIN, BRIDGESTONE, PIRELLI, RHEIN-CHEMIE, Trelleborg and so on. The main customers in China as follow: Guangzhou No.1 rubber factory, Guangzhou No.3 rubber factory, Guangdong South Asian rubber & plastic products Co. Ltd., Wuxi No.4 rubber factory, Liuzhou rubber factory, Shanghai Ibercaucho rubber co., Shanghai Wanhong rubber products Co. Ltd., Tianjin Dagang Hose Co. Ltd., Zhongnan rubber plant and so on.


Gumix can offer the internal mixers both with tangential rotors (TG) and with intermeshing rotors (IM) from 2L to 200L. They also supply the complete lines to satisfy customers”¦ requirements of each industry, from the dosing and weighing systems for raw materials to the compound extraction equipment (mixing mills, extruder-strainers, batch-offs, etc.)


Advantages of Intermeshing rotors IM series



?           Their design features large surfaces for heat exchange and high capacity to integrate energy in a short time.

?           The surfaces in contact with the compound are armored with highly abrasion-resistant welding electrodes, with a depth of 4 to 5 mm.

?           The ram is operated by two fully hydraulic cylinders fitted to the sides of the hopper.

-      The mixing efficiency can be highly improved by bringing the invariable press in compounds.

-    The surface of the ram in contact with the compound has same anti-wear armoring as the chamber. The ram is provided with a cooling-heating circuit.

-      Time for ram closing or opening is 4 sec.

?           By friction rings, consisting essentially of two extra-hard steel rings, one of them stationary and the other one rotating. Their sliding contact surfaces are lubricated by oil injection. Both rings are split for easy replacement. The contact pressure is adjustable by springs.

?           Installation of the analogical modem (56K) and necessary software in the Industrial PC to allow the connection with the Technical Assistance Service. Including: Machine parameters on-line checking; Alarms on-line checking; Specific help to the client on-line.

?           This computerized system allows the quality assurance procedure by means of the SPC (Statistic Process Control). The color printer allows clear prints of the different graphs, such as energy, power and temperature charts of each batch.


With almost a century of experience in the manufacturing of machinery and plants for the rubber industry, Farrel constantly reinforces its position by applying its philosophy of continuous innovation, last-generation resources and efficient customer service. Farrel machinery, performing around the world are the proof. At Gumix one can always find the right solutions.  

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