The world's largest oil seal Freudenberg Company of Germany's breakthrough new products, by the German Freudenberg introduced the patent seal lip pressure (radial force) measurement device. Global enterprises, including Freudenberg Group,Volkswagen, GM Group, Parker Group, Bosch , etc., in Taiwan NAK, APEX, CHIYIH other well-known companies are using this device.





  • Patent precision probe
  • Depending on the size of the exclusive production of jig
  • Measurements from high-impact lip hD
  • Complete and accurate will be the power transmission to the machine


  • Digital display, accuracy to 0.1
  • Display units for Newton
  • Patent Balance Calibration Device
  • Ensure that the various dimensions of measurement are accurate
  • Quick correction zero device
  • Operation simple, fast and easy 



Rotating shaft lip seals used that require a high sealed rotary components on the sealing performance of its past, with control of oil seal and the shaft with the size of the method to determine the oil seal on the shaft to hold fast to force . As the seal is a rubber plastic deformation, and traditional measurements can not control the accuracy and efficiency is also low, at the same time are unable to ascertain oil seal on the shaft to hold fast to power. Seal Radial force measuring device, to overcome these shortcomings, to change the traditional measurement method. Oil seal for the design and testing of quality, provided a reliable basis. Freudenberg Radiameter uses high-precision sensors, digital signal transmission, providing intuitive, fast, accurate and credible information. Germany's Freudenberg radial force measuring instrument using a high-precision sensors and measurement precision tooling, is the world's only according to the standard DIN 3761 part9 patented measuring equipment, intuitive, fast and precise. Freudenberg of equipment to improve the previously used for a period of time, it will lose the accuracy of quartz-type / no memory of the shortcomings of the traditional lip press.

All along, the company invested heavily in controlling the quality seal of the effort. However, the quality and lip seal has a close relationship between radial force, radial force lips, and good or bad information on the size of a direct impact on the seal of the most important seal performance and service life. Germany's Freudenberg company as the world's largest seal manufacturer in improving the quality of research and development stage to form a more than 200 degrees in a dedicated research team and lab operations. Based on the current exclusive seal radial force test equipment DIN3761 standards development patents. Freudenberg Group is not only the current system of a quality control standard, but also become a major automotive companies supplying goods quality inspection and the best means. Smarding long-term instruments with the German Freudenberg's a good co-operation, Freudenberg companies have agreed to set originally used exclusively for its internal quality control devices to the market, hoping to seal the Asian region to provide the world's highest standards of corporate quality control measures.



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