DOSS MIGG-Circular part measuring machine - Italy


Machine type


Machine for the automatic measuring of circular parts like O-rings, washers or others. Inner, outer diameter and cross section can be measured fast with high precision and excellent repeatability.



Machine functioning


The machine carries out the measurement of the part by reading the points  on the part¡¦s perimeter. Its possible deformation will be therefore calculated with mathematic precision.


The part to be inspected is placed near to the centre of the rotating table, which has shows some concentric rings in order to facilitate the positioning of the ring. After a 5 seconds table rotation, the computer processes the detected data and displays the result of the measurement on the screen.


The data are automatically stored in tables which can be looked up and eventually printed. The man-machine interface offers the operator an easy-to-learn menu with subtitles dedicated to each single machine function. For instance: Calculation of the inner, outer diameter and CPK

?           Progressive counting of the items

?           Manual tuning

?           Measurement data storing for each item

?           Insertion of detailed data for each article


Type of measurement

  •            Outer diameter

  •            Inner diameter

  •            Cross section



Technical features

  •       Piece dimension: from 5 to 400 mm (outer diameter), thickness 0,5 - 30 mm.

  •       Measure precision: +-0,03 mm

  •       Instrument precision: in conformity to DIN 3771.

  •       Colour of the pieces: all, except for transparent.

  •       Measurement speed: fast mode: 5 sec., high precision mode: 15 sec.

  •       Managed by an external PC with WINDOWS 95 or latest operating system(not included in the supply).

  •       The instrument can be certified with samples from the Italian Calibration   Centre SIT


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