Y.CT Tire



High Energy CT System

for non-destructive testing
and geometrical measurements on tires




The high resolution Computed Tomography (CT) system Y.CT Tire is designed for industrial?? purposes. It is meant to visualize internal features in terms of non-destructive investigations and to perform geometrical measurements on medium sized tires.
The modular design of the system allows for later upgrade to meet extended requirements. First of all the system is prepared for later implementation of an high power radiation source. A linear accelerator can be mounted on the already existing manipulation tower.
Furthermore, the system? can be equipped with an tire constraint unit (TCU). The TCU is used to simulate different load conditions and to view the internal deformation of the inflated tire under the impact of loads. The TCU is multi-axial and NC controlled.

· Optimized layout, high versatility
· Sustainable,? upgradable concept
· Specialized solution for tire industries








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