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Argentox was founded in 1958. They plan, design, construct, supply and install complete ozone test cabinets to meet customer’s requirements, especially in the plastic and rubber industry where Argentox takes a leading position world wide. They offer expert advice and solutions tailored to individual needs.


Famous car manufacturers cooperate with Argentox i.e. Volkswagen, BMW, Daimler Chrysler, Audi, Ford etc. Also the Chemical Industry uses Argentox products for the design of new products and to control their production process. Examples: Akzo, Bayer, DOW Chemicals, Du Pont, Monsanto, Rheinchemie etc.


Argentox also has got references in the  tyre and rubber industry like Continental, Dunlop, Michelin, Hutchinson, Shenyang Changqiao Rubber.


Currently, there are almost 30 customers using Argentox products in the car and rubber industry. (Please see the list of customer references in China)


The characteristics of Argentox:


?           The following standards refer to ozone testing methods (extract):

                 ASTM D 1149      ISO 1431               BS 903 A 43     

IEC 540              DIN 53509             VDE 0472    

NFT 46-019        FORD EU-BP1-1      VW 2.8.1      

And etc.   


?           Ozone range of the machines is adjustable. High consistency. The undulation error is small.

                    1st shelf   0100pphm         ≤± 2pphm

 2nd shelf  01000pphm        ≤± 5pphm

 3rd shelf  0100ppm           ≤± 2ppm

 4th shelf  01000ppm         ≤± 10ppm


?           The range of temperature and humidity is adjustable according to customer’s  requirements.

Temperature range:     5∼+90°C    ≤± 0.5°C

Humidity range:            +1590      ≤± 2% rel. H.


?           Argentox offers the dynamic inspection device with rubber tube or adhesive tape according to the requirement of customer.


?           Easy to operate. The ozone concentration is indicated and controlled automatically.


?           Test chamber size: 140 liters

                                 300 liters

                                 500 liters






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