Introduction of Smarding Co., Ltd


Smarding Co., Ltd. is a German-owned sales agency and technology consulting company for the rubber processing industry. Based in Taipei and with subsidiaries in Shanghai, Xiamen and Chongqing, our aim is to satisfy our customers with a complete range of factory equipment to cover the whole production process:


Mixing center: Gumix(Spain) Internal mixer and mixing mills for the rubber compound

Production: Maplan (Austria) rubber injection moulding machines, Konstrukta (Slovakia) Steel Cord Cutting Lines-for Body Ply & Breaker Belt Production. Extrusion Lines (Simplex, Duplex, Triplex, Quadroplex). Rolling-Head Inner Liner Extrusion Lines. Spriral Drum Cooling Device, VIPO (Slovakia) single wire bead winding lines, multiwier bead winding lines, bead-apex lines

Finishing department: Metzner(Germany) cutting machines for extrudates, O.R.M. (Italy) parts refining machines for N2-deflashing, grinding, washing and drying

QC department: DOSS (Italy) automatic inspection machines for 100% inspection of parts (O-rings, oil seals and irregular shaped parts) as well as packing and labelling.Steinbichler(Germany) Shearography Tire Test System for online and offline testing of tire’s quality and safety(bubble).Yxlon(Germany) X-Ray inspection systems for Tires. E+L(Dr. Noll) (Germany) for online and offline measuring of extrudates.Roland(Germany) Steel cord inspection system SIS.Hofmann(Germany) Tire Uniformity & Dynamic Tire Balancing machine. Datalogic (Italy) barcode reader.Toplabel(China) Tire pre-curing label & Automatic label scanning and supplying machine

R & D: YXLON (Germany) CT system for tire. E+L(Dr. Noll) (Germany) TriScan-Tire - 3D Tire inspection. GLM(Germany) TST- TriScan Tire, CTS-Car Tire Scan, Portable laer-assisted 2D Profilometer, Linear 3D Profile Scanner. Hofmann (Germany) Tire bead compression machine. ZF (Germany) High speed uniformity, Force and Moment Tester, Rolling Resistance Test Machine, Acoustic Tire Test Bench machine for Single tire, Acoustic Tire Test Bench machine for Vehicle, Tire Tread Wear Tester. Argentox (Germany) Whole tire Ozone test equipment. Tekscan (USA) Tire Pressure Measurement System. Bareiss (Germany)-40 ℃~ +100 ℃ Tire hardness High-Low Temperature Tester.Steinbichlerar (Germany) Intact R&D system for Tire & Green Tire Bubble and Blow Point.

Laboratory: Bareiss (Germany) hardness tester, Prescott (UK) Mooney Viscometer and Rheometer and DOSS (Italy) Laser circular parts measuring machine.Freudenberg(Germany) RADIAMETER.


Non rubber related production: Ratera (Spain) braiding machines for textile and wire industry, Hongshang Pre-Moulded cable accessories


All kind of equipment which a state-of-the-art rubber part factory is in need of plus extensive consulting service (rubber compound & mould design) and reliable technical after-sales-service by our trained service engineers: Smarding is the brand name which every high-quality rubber parts factory in Taiwan and China likes to consult for their production requirements.

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